Africa’s Lethal Tribalism


The African People

Tribalism; a strong loyalty to one’s own tribe, customs & beliefs.

A character in-built to fulfil prestigious customary aims.
A feature demanding conservativeness of mentality & culture in the face of our metamorphosising mundane.
Africa, In the face of a seemingly unending resistance against transmogrification & westernization, is nursing a mentality of neighbourly irk.
Religious & tribal driven Shemozzles and logomachical confrontations of superfluous impetus leading to communal commotions.
The growing “blind perspective” of selfish claims leading to heartbreaks, vices, violence, bloodsheds, gory human sacrifices, and war, does well to find their place in the making of the black history, written with the forlorn pen of unforgettable agony.
Surviving generations, it has lead to generations of history-driven bloody revelations & irate upbringings seeking to avenge with voracious aims, consuming the past, claiming the present & eclipsing the future with bloody hands.


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  1. randyjw says:

    I’m glad to see you writing about it.

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  2. randyjw says:

    So deep, leaving me speechless.

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    1. A reflection & a synopsis of some of the detestable acts sustained from generations to another across the sahara…
      Once again, Thanks for stopping by. ☺

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