Preach hate; Bleach faith

Preach hate; bleach faith.


Rasp some pipe dream into their platter of hope. 

Feast upon their ignorance

Snooze on their bed of chains.

 Make their wail your sonorous dwell of slumber.

Bloat your guts as their sweat moisten your orchard.

Orphan their cubs to climax their agony as you blow your head in their maiden’s laps.

Keep making them slit their throats as you read the words of their gods to them bottom-side-up.

Throw them in disarray.

Make them weep.

Make them languish 

Tailor their minds to servitude,

..their homes to workhorse bay

..their demise to karoshi.

For when the Night king dawns

And the hands of time falls short

And the day of reckoning comes forth,

And the sedated arise;

Corpse of a thousand years emerge from their sarcophaguses

Depositions from extinguished funeral pyre

Enraged with a death-time realisation of whats what

Towering towards your silhouette with screeching metals from their dragging chains and axes red hot from hell,

To herald your eternal excruciating rot in the depthless pit of hell.

Chew the cud intelligibly before you make that next move, chap.


Africa’s Lethal Tribalism



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