Tragedy et Courtesy

In memory of a dear friend (RIP)

Tragedy lacks courtesy…

It encroaches stealthily, as if on the paws of a feline, during our jolly times.

Dawns on us regally when our attention is taken, without bidding.

Befalls like a cyclone, leaving a trail of ruination along its course.

Licking its paws of the blood of our beloved ones, to our faces, in the end.

Tearing our hearts apart,

Transmogrifying our tranquil to carcass from which it makes a banquet in commemoration of its achievement.

Tragedy lacks a heart.

Even if it does have a ragged one, it must have fossilized moments before it silenced my beloved



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    1. Thanks for the endorsement. Namaste πŸ™πŸ½


  1. Sorry for the loss you experienced.
    Tragedy is sort of like the designated buzz killer, it sucks the fun, joy & happiness out of everything but it’s a given (package deal).

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    1. And it’s does all that in the air of the night… When you lack the luminescence to combat it.. Such a Hitman πŸ˜”
      Thanks for the contribution sire


  2. Matazu says:

    wehdone sir

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    1. Thank you for reading. 😁


  3. Nasir says:

    Nice one

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