© getty images

It all starts with a declaration
Then the impetus, gusto and a pseudo-slogan shoved unto banners and fliers to the tune of deception
Then comes the promises and effortless utterances
A gathering of godforsaken, held captive by their selfish ambitions
keeping afloat on their thirst for power, and driven by a diabolical currency
They set sail to the purported land of equity and justice with their glittering armor, in shiny gold and all its glamor
and just at about enough life vests to insure their dear lives

Sleepless in their chambers, plotting against one another
when the lights go out, and the terrors of the night awoken, they shield themselves by making offerings off those they rule to pass the night
The people worth nothing more than stepping stones bought on promises of freedom and wealth, by which they hold them siege

© brain scape

They exploit their disciple’s vulnerability to make puppets off them
Common gloaks, cloaked and crowned by money; gluttons for power
Bludgeoning their subjects with a refined brand of slavery devoid of visible chains
Suppressing the religious folks to the depths of their own despair
The righteous ones sent to the land of the great majority with “accidental labels”
They turn our world to their theatrical masterpiece where they sit back, relax and watch us make a meal of ourselves… all for their amusement
They make a fool of our existence and play heroes with our dear lives
They wield the sword of deception and watch us bleed to death
Making a feast off our flesh,
offerings off our visceral
and a countless medals of honor off the bones of our loved ones



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thumb up bro. Good one there

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ibrahim Aliyu says:

    Hear Hear

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ibrahim Aliyu says:

    Here Here.

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  4. Ibrahim Aliyu says:

    Some say “ignorance is bliss” but in our case it’s a cancer.
    But when all is lost, never lose Hope & Faith.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed! our scream of anguish is music for their banquet… Hope is all we’ve got. However, we have to go out and happen to things, stand our ground and put an end to this psychological slavery.


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