Young and foolish

Teenage lovers embracing each other ©Pinterest

Under the Dogonyaro (neem) tree in the air of the night, a mise en scene for a hoodwink plot. Birds chirp to the site of yet another dalliance. “there goes another Bromeo and Dreamliet,” the birds sang.

Lights, camera, action!

Comfy in the cloud of their own imagination are two young boobs holding hands and sharing warmth.

A perverted dog fox and an innocuous but gluttonous vixen; a set of two against the world. They take solace in the darkness, exercising a lost art under the watchful eyes of the stars, the pricked pinna of the squirrels, the impatient time pacing to elapse their romance, and the jealous grave that awaits their dim.

Merry for the moment is theirs and theirs alone for the taking. they shut out the world for each other’s company. Plunging their souls into each other as they bare it all in the darkness

The devil-may-care but they didn’t mind. Letting go of their deepest secrets for each other’s paws…

Terpsichorean ritual for what they thought was what-they-thought

puppets to their raging hormonal bids, emptying their noggins of realism

They promise forever, as they tango, in a world where even life is temporary

“I’d no sooner harm you than myself”

“without you, I’m worthy of no breath”

“I’ll love you until the end of time”

beak to beak, covering up poison with poetry.

lust-ferried declarations of love for the feel of flesh.. numbed to the consequences of their actions

Longing for a mate to empty the energy brewing within, they dig deeper into the repository of emotions without indemnity. Putting a nail in their coffin each time they part their lips

Young, and foolish. spinning a web that can’t stand the test of a borborygmus.



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  1. Ibrahim Aliyu says:

    But of course, the make believe fairytale fantasy of youth influenced by the raging effects of testosterone & oestrogen coursing through their vessels, only to find out through a bleeding heart and from the effect of a large cc of reality that there are no such thing as happily ever afters..
    Nice piece.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course… Young love always imagine a plain sail when it comes to matters of heart. The pictures perfect beauty queens on TV screens that model their imagination all render them unprepared and defenseless for the inevitable reality of the world brimming with “pain & gains”… A world that preys on happily ever after fanatics


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