A Tomfool’s Solace

A stranger inned, a comforter weaned

A company of deceit in a glittering armour, yet again gives credence to the popular saying of “glittering

” and “gold,” and “birds” and “bush.”

A decent destiny opposed by a gluttonous craving for the droplets of gruel half-through the burn

With hearts racing to dock the dove, a pinkish blush to regal the content of a fork in the road and the choice of one – a fate so desired, but is the death of all sheeps

A tomfool's solace
A tomfool’s solace

Oh! A kind gesture, indeed! A smile that cometh only my way. What should I have made of it? A pleasing effort to see me mane with eyes slung to the ears like stone in catapult, or the weakening smile that striped your beauty of flaws. Oh no! Can’t be. Won’t be. Shouldn’t be a camaraderie bequeathed.

Company that blunts the sense of good judgement. That waters the mouth to drool, the eyes to rubor and flood of the clear fluid from a wringing cor that lies beneath the breasts, popping with no chutzpah.

But the arrow of blame goes to non but the sheep that yielded to the beastly lupine that cometh like a Shepherd, who’d later rape em of wool, hide and hay

You know what the sheep said? That the wolf was a good company to remember.

What a fool 😪

We are oft to blame in this / (‘Tis too much proved), that with devotion’s visage and pious action we do sugar o’er / the devil himself.



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  1. Zenith khan says:

    this is really good. Beautiful use of words

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    1. A million thanks for the kind words. I appreciate. Thanks for stopping by. Namaste.


  2. Ibrahim Aliyu says:

    “What a fool”!! – Probably considered that but still decided to see it another way (perhaps for some comfort amidst the collapsing walls).
    We most often than not are responsible for the transgressions & Impending demise, not just because we invite it or walk straight to the path that leads to that outcome knowingly but also i think because there’s this irresistible urge attimes to do so.. So why the need to blame others (something or someone)????

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    1. How we ignore all signs and nosedive into a ditch in broad daylight is still a story for the gods, or its simply an irresistible indomitable urge to get scathed and bruised – a lesson we must, or just a fool’s parade… Who knows? 😼


      1. Ibrahim Aliyu says:

        Flaws are what makes us human, but then again whether these flaws are self inflicted or preordained, one outcome is for sure certain..

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Nice compose sir, it been a while & I’ve also been a while.
    “Poems” – messages to the soul.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Anonymous says:

      Ibrahim Aliyu

      Liked by 1 person

    2. A million thanks for stopping by, someone. Your feedback is what keeps the gear running. Thanks.


      1. Ibrahim Aliyu says:

        You’re most welcome sir


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