Sunset reflection
© Shin Jong hun

Dear Artsuy,

I hope you still hear the cockcrow every morning

A crow of Renaissance, of the past you left behind

Same crow that Seeped into your ears as a child, through adolescence and maiden-ship

The nature-bought sonorous call back to life

That awakens from the short spell of death

To foil the toll the grim reaper toils to settle

My little bird, you still hear it?

Its the trumpery of life and not the trumpery of oblivion nor that of the final hours

You’re still flesh, bone and soul

Alive to do the daily human gamble, humble, fumble, and tumble

Dearly beloved, heed the crow and stay alive

In life there is hope

A grim, ray, beam or a daylight of it

It may seem that you have been forced down the mill around the altar and doomed to shatter

It may seem

For you were baited with your heart desires to the altar where you uttered eternity vows with heart-wringing conditionals lurked around the bend

Your youthfulness, my dear, shielded you from reality -an overly dutiful defense system

Not even she in who’s image you’re built could shelter you from the crossbows of your path

Oh you parent-denied innocence-defiled gem of a beauty

I know you don’t feel at home and your heart’s still heavy as a loaded womb

And your hands are tied as your profile bids farewell of the light of the day

And you weep where birds cry, and sob yourself to sleep

For your nubile dreams have hit an iceberg and life seems titanic

Remember you’re born a star, and your luminosity cannot be contained under the duvet of covenants

Heed the crow my dear

Find the spark and light up the tunnel with your flame that’ll never burn out

You sure don’t have to wait till the end to find the light

Yours brotherly


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  1. randyjw says:

    My poetry is pretty mild; my opinion pieces tend to go boldly. Would that were reversed…


  2. randyjw says:

    I have one on matrimony that hasn’t popped quite out of my head, yet. This one might’ve been perfectly said for me; it’s better than what I could have ever written. It made me go, “erk”, at some points, with some stinging type of tears. Regardless, I’ll still probably write it at some point. It’s more of a warning type of thing. I’m not sure what this baiting term quite references. I hope your friend is doing okay. You know what? You write really well, and it is very intense. That is good, and sometimes it is hard to deal with, I guess, as it forces one to ponder the issues or emotions one grapples with within oneself. So, I ‘m not sure how I’ll handle all that. But, I guess that’s a good thing. If poetry is to reach the reader, with your powerful words, you certainly do. Plus, you inspire me to write my own, like a muse. How amusing!

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    1. A million thanks to you randy for taking time to feed me back. You said quite a handful that really moved me. I often think my work here is merely an outpour of my emotions and an attempt to empty my noggins of worries. But its clear to me now that I’m being heard, and that gives me joy & also a sense of responsibility.
      The subject of the writeup is coping ☺…and I’m hopeful it’ll get better.
      Thanks once again for seeing through my work.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. randyjw says:

        What you write is deeply thought-provoking, as well as thoughtful. Difficult subjects, but the one who took the time to care to write it (you) does so with sensitivity and prescience, and, indeed, will reach others. Thanks for your voice out there.


    2. I’m looking forward to seeing your work too. I bet it’ll be intense, and with a magnitude to move mountains.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. A million thanks. Its a piece I penned for a dear one baited into matrimony. I’m glad you liked it. 🙌

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