Little ones

Little ones

Little ones, little ones

Put to the blade; unfairly bade

Blood spill to still the course of tradition upon the hills

Yells of pain, all but squeals to the “healer” who part their skin with sharps

Skin-deep burns to sweep demons off the bums

The little ones yell for help, but their yells are taken for squirms

Cow dung smears on the cord…

A “tete-a-tete nus” in accord

The uvula pays when the body stirs warmth from within

The genitals mutilated for the fear of the unknown

Filthy aqua forced down their throats

And fermented gruel downed when they can barely swallow

Purging their innards & bloating their guts

Rice-water stool, the culprit as pulse becomes distant & little ones dim in shock

Stiff and still, as eyes roll hind ward

Or jerking repeatedly as the brain suffers insult upon insult

Deadening the nerves as hopes dim for the little ones

Febrile to touch, paper white in shock, streaming dark-coloured urine, multiple convulsions, robbed of consciousness and more

Alarm to the ears of the physician that wrestles grim reaper to save the little ones from the torture of mal area

Stuffed nose, icteric rheum, and near choking on room air

Another emissary of fever, that runs their nose like a river

Tinge of yellow, binge of mellow, and a strange asthenic figure that squirms at the agonizing pain that ceases to fade. Gulping blood down the veins like a vampire, in broad daylight

Ask the parents why they let the S ta C lead them to war against their better judgement. Now their little one chooses his painkillers & watch other kids merry-go-round as his blood fickle & sickle

And the ones that pay for the recklessness of their parents? Born into the realm of immune deficiency that comes with lining the guts with chalk on a daily…

Little ones, little ones

Forgive my world for the pain we cause you