Sheeps and wolves

The bidding of sheep and wolves

The rhythm of cheats and woes

The rigging of wit and votes; the heist of suffrage

A tunneling disease that infest the whole

Burrowing to the core to arrest the soul

The exchange of freedom for mint currencies

The ceaseless sycophancy that crowns the worthless

Handing the realm to animals on an excuse of an empty bowel & the gurgling of their hollow organs

Risking the spill of their own guts by a foxy beast of burden & damnation

Ring! Ring! The bell of salvation dings…in the banana republic

Calling out the living amidst the dead to revolt against the subjugation of the innocent

To unseat the kakistocrats and kleptocrats

Paving way for geniocrats and Noocrats to phase out phlegmatic regime of pestilence



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  1. Ibrahim Aliyu says:

    Moving words indeed, but alas, the idea of revolting is one of those thoughts that sees the spotlight in words but not in action. The society is far too gone, to the extent that genuine help is rejected by the masses while lies, obvious manipulative ploys & self mutilating acts (all ill- disguised) are welcomed with open arms, OR jst simply the act of sitting idle & watch as things gets worse.
    These are few among the numerous factors hampering progress.

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    1. Someone once said that to save the people (especially African people) he uses one hand, so he could use the other hand to restrain the same people he’s fighting for with the other hand from keeping him away from saving them.
      We just have to keep trying & hope to have a dim in the number of the unwise


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