Young blood

Brimming with energy

Chest popping to the tune of the Piper

Breaking sweat over hearts of women

Trying on every pot of danger

He’s young, round and brown

Comely brood like a freshly baked bread

Oozing pheromones or gunning after them

Oh! chemical romance

Simply a cart to their hormones

Brainless chariot of reckless adventures

Wanna be, gonna be, gotta be

While their rump sits all day

Sores from idleness

Awakens the lying devil in their noggins

Easy money! Play disguise…

Rob peter to pay Paul

Slay them all for a fill of gold

Rustling, lifting, shifting

Take em against their will

Beat it till its cold

Snap its neck for a trophy

Dreams filled with nightmares borne of the day

Wake to the aches

That yields to the gourd of fermented wine




One Comment Add yours

  1. Ibrahim Aliyu says:

    Young & reckless.
    I especially liked the part about being “mindless chariots” driven by hormones.
    It’s a nice read sir


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