Dear Dear

Falgore Forest Reserve

Dear dear
Dear dream
Here I am
Drenched in my own blood
Life ebbing every tick of the clock
A bullet to my bosom
Made a fry of my heart
Go out there & be a man, they told me

I bade to serve
To wrestle for my father’s land
To dignify my existence
And defend the defenseless
Go on! Be a man, they said

I signaled my departure
Farewell to freedom
Off to the wastelands
To see what maketh a man

In the wilderness
The biting cold of the forest
Far from a woman’s warmth
In no-man’s-land
Ready to starve to serve

In the Frontline of war
A theatre for meshugahs
Playground for the trigger-happy
Agrressively belligerent lots
Untethered raging bulls
Gaslighted eunuchs
Taking lives
On orders of our ‘therapists’

Charging through the backlands
Silencing warriors
Weapons raging
The bark of the beasts

Making nightmares unapologetically
Till a piece of lead misses the air
To lodge in a friendly flesh
The accompanying wail
Squirt of rheum
The Haunting sight
Of ineffable decimation
Of Multilingual agony

Of fathers lost
Sons dismembered
Mothers disembodied
Dancing to the annihilating tunes of war
Of resounding sorrow
Souls ember mournfully
To the poisonous pellets of war
And dreams that fizzle at dawn

Tell them I tried
To be the man
I’ve seen the colour of my own blood
Felt the warmth of my ordure down my throat
The sound of my breaking bone
Seen hundreds breathe their last
Men uncrowned on their knees
Staunch & unflinching gallant knights
Tired but uncompromising
Paddle in deep doo-doo
Lay down their lives
For cretinous porks to live large
In their hacienda
& Sodomize their innards

Tell them I tried
A man’s blood is rosy
His inside, velvety
And bullet Pierce’s through
Like hot knife through butter
And the war rages on
Even after a man is gone

Tell my pa I swam
In the river of my own blood
A drowning man in the ocean of war
Taken by the storm
But a man at last

Falgore Forest Reserve


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ibrahim Aliyu says:

    “And the war rages on
    Even after a man is gone”

    Is there no hope for “true” peace, must war always be a necessity?

    “Taken by the storm
    But a man at last”

    A man in his eyes or in the eyes of others?
    Lived for himself or for others?

    Thank you this refreshing piece.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow awesome “Till a piece of lead misses the air”


  3. Thor says:

    Mad this is mad


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