Stranded ⛓️

Staring at the moon

He bids to hear my voice every single day

He’d call before the cock’s crow, before he says his prayers at night, and between

We’re at a distance but he feels every fiber of his body longing for me

What did I do in return?

I ignore his calls when I’m in someone else’s arms

Sometimes I don’t say goodnight and he forgives me nevertheless

I make excuses and he just let em slide

I see the purity in his eyes

The innocence

How much he’s ready to let go for my love

And it hurts to see him hope cos I don’t feel the same

To tell him off would be to put out the spark in his eyes

I don’t wanna lose him as a friend but I don’t think I can be his lover

I’m too impure for his modesty

I feel unworthy of his chastity

Oh my! What should I do?

WeirdmaskmanNG ✍🏽

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  1. Ibrahim Aliyu says:

    Life is what happens when one dwells on contemplation.
    Most at time there never is a clear line between the right or wrong choice only past experience & external guidance helps the process. Whatever the case, consequences always follow (be it positive or negative), even inaction has its repercussions.
    So rather than delaying the inevitable, move on with life, make a choice & be prepared to face the consequences.
    Like I said earlier, it’s easier said than done. May we have the courage to brave through our fears and make a choice…

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  2. Ibrahim Aliyu says:

    Let go/ Make feelings clear, instead of feeding false hope
    OR Fight to be worthy of his love.

    Easier said than done but it deters one from inflicting hurt (any further).

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    1. The possibility of a friend lost. The agonizing ache of loneliness.
      “Will I find another? Will I regret this?”

      Questions that fuel delay in decision making. Valid questions.
      But are they worth the risk?

      Questions question…

      Thanks as always for the read 😊


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