She Snoop 🐩

Fumbling around the internet looking for a needle in a haystack

Found me a toddler on period, with breast buds

Fullblown yet foolhardy

She’d stare, glare, flare; Aware.

Aware of her beauty, yet unaware of her puerility

Whistles to the rhythm of her rump as she sways on the runway gets to her brain-way

Men twice her age, bald as coot, soiling their plumage for a taste from her honeypot 🍯

Got her head spinning. Thinking she’s a paradigm of perfection.

Goddamn! She is. She’s god’s perfected art called a woman

Average height. Smooth-skinned. Perky breasts. And a rump that usher’s a man to hell.

Her once pink lips πŸ‘„ are now sooted with cigarette stains.

Voice, husky from smoke-roasted vocal cords

A drug-fueled voraciousness for carnality

Staggering character; Unbalanced by a refilled glass 🍷 of booze

Said she loved reading but her life revolves around the butt-world of TikTok

Casting and motioning for the camera 🀳

Offering rump and lump, and nothing more as she yields to the algorithm

I found me a rare mate. A deadbeat dead meat πŸ₯“

Destined for a fellow youngling. Adventurous. Venturous.

Blind to reality. Numb to chivalry. Prone to vulgarity

✍🏽 WeirdmaskmanNG

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ibrahim Aliyu says:

    The woes of excessive vanity.

    Regret is where you don’t want to get to, cos it’s found at the end & alas has no remedy.

    A nice read

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmmm… “Woes of excessive vanity.”

      Thanks for the feedback 🀝🏾


      1. Ibrahim Aliyu says:

        β€œGot her head spinning. Thinking she’s a paradigm of perfection”

        Excessive vanity, pride, arrogance
        Makes one feel infallible, which alas blinds one to a simple truth – we are all fallible – Thus, leading to the path of self destruction!

        Excellent as always sir πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

        Liked by 1 person

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