Mind not my way of life. It always seems I’m down and out, and out of luck. Leaving me staring into blank space like a space cadet nursing the wildest, most unattainable dream. I could be. But the irony is, not even I can give full accounts of my psychological escapades talk more of you….


THE POLITICAL DANCE OF DECEPTION It all starts with a declaration Then the impetus, gusto and a pseudo-slogan shoved unto banners and fliers to the tune of deception Then comes the promises and effortless utterances A gathering of godforsaken, held captive by their selfish ambitions keeping afloat on their thirst for power, and driven by…


The Sun, sets & rises. Dew, drops & Soars. Rain precipitates & condenses. Dust descends & ascend. My beloved came, gave her heart & soul, and is gone. Dead leaves putrefy to flourish again.ย  Ripples spread to settle again. Seas rise to calm again. The Phoenix burns itself on a funeral pyre to rise from…

Africa’s Lethal Tribalism

~AFRICA’s LETHAL TRIBALISM~ Tribalism; a strong loyalty to one’s own tribe, customs & beliefs. A character in-built to fulfil prestigious customary aims. A feature demanding conservativeness of mentality & culture in the face of our metamorphosising mundane. Africa, In the face of a seemingly unending resistance against transmogrification & westernization, is nursing a mentality of…


“Maybe you have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light” -Madeleine L/’Engle