Much is yet to be known

About one’s survival in the cold

The goosebumps, the shivering and folds

The numbs, the clattering, and shrivel from the biting cold

Awakening the energy that stirs within, untold

Streaming in vessels with the steam of warmth

Hands buried in hide, to shield the warmth

That sips between the skin into the void

Hold on… Hold on tight

For the fire within gives warmth

Yet the source of rage

The caged beast that fights the cold can pillage the streets of all its hope

So how do we keep warm with fire without getting burnt?



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    In fact, I am speechless. Great poetic lines.

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    1. A million thanks for the endorsement, brother…


  2. Jaragatha says:

    wow!your words….how structured they are….

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    1. I am most pleased you like it. Thanks for the remarks.


  3. Tracy Jane says:

    Love the poem πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ†

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    1. I am most honored.. A million thanks for stopping by

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  4. It’s good to have you back sir

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    1. There would be nothing to come back to without the patience of your kind. Thanks & felicitations on the new height…


  5. “Fire and Ice” — Balance
    Everyone seeks to attain
    Those at peace seems to have found a way. .

    Yin & Yang!.

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    1. Balance, indeed, the most delicate…


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